Halloween Project of the Month


We have a multitude of fused glass projects, varying in price from $14 all the way to $250.
In our glass workshop you can make plates, platters, jewelry, bowls, coasters, vases, and much more.
No reservation is required for groups of less than 6 people.

Fused Glass

In the Walk-in Workshop (WIW) you will create your design on a flat sheet of glass using several different types of glass. You choose the color, design, and shape of the piece.

We fire it in the kiln to melt and shape it (a processes called
fusing and slumping, respectively).

Projects take between one to two weeks to fire, with shipping available within the US for an additional fee. These are our most hands on projects offered.

You are the artist in this studio!

Even those claiming they have no artistic talent can create a beautiful piece of glass art.

Plan to spend about an hour and 1/2 to complete your project, however you're welcome to spend as much time as you'd like.
You can go to lunch and come back to finish if you worked up an appetite.


Monday-Saturday 10AM - 4PM*
*As projects most often take at least an hour and a half, if not more, to complete,
please arrive no later than 2:30 to begin a Walk-In Workshop project.

Holiday Ornaments


Create your own Holiday Pendant or Ornament in the Walk-In Workshop.
At $20 each, these fused glass ornaments take
15 to 30
minutes to create and are appropriate for all ages.
Offered October through December.

wedding platter


A great alternative to a guest book.  Each guest adds a piece of glass to a flat sheet of glass, the colors of which are chosen by the bride and groom.
It is then fired in our kiln and shaped into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake for the bride and groom.

WIW Projects


The Walk-in Workshop is open year round, offering a large variety of fused and slumped glass projects. Projects vary in price depending on size.
Guests can get creative when choosing colors and creating their own design. Having a design idea in mind before coming in can often help get the creative juices flowing.

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